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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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road. police will not talk about a motive or amount of evidence gathered. >> we're hoping to talk to the victim and get more information. we just don't know. >> but this what we do know. police say a 34-year-old quinn boyer was driving this blue honda when shot two times. police say his injuries were so severe he lost control of the car. >> an area where there wasn't a lot. only thing we have going that strong is just physical evidence. that is the direction of travel. >> shell casings and bumper torn from the honda before it went into the ravine. >> we don't know physical the ravine. >> we have new information
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tonight. we do know the passenger wind yes was down and the driver's side window, up. investigateors will not tell fuss that means they believe shots were fired through the window if he rolled the window down to communicate with someone. >> it's been two years since brian stow was badly beaten in los angeles. the family hosted a message on the web site writing brian continues to amaze them them, daily. neb stow was hospitalized again for blood clots and requires more surgery but those surgeries have been postponed. >> fog is starting to roll n we know spring showers are on the horizon. but is there more? >> there is temperatures into
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upper 70s to low 80s. tomorrow, we're going to see spring rain. live doppler 7 now, you'll see clouds over us. we don't have rain and that will be changing. check out what is developing. to the north just off the northwestern portion of california first and that rain will be heading towards bay area into the wee hours of the morning. clouds increase, heading into 2:00 a.m. rain will be knocking on our door. so light to moderate rain. some moderate rain indicated by yellow. it does not look good for morning rush hour. scattered showers will follow behind that system. i'll be back to let you know how much rain you'll receive.
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>> chevron says repair work is finished on the section of the refinery damaged last summer. that part has been closed since an explosion triggered a fire. thousands of people complained about being sickened by smoke. two east bay lawmakers will hold an inquiry into the fire this friday. >> an investigation into a shooting of a nan by napa police. sheriff's department says the 37-year-old was wounded last night after getting into a struggle with an office yefr. ramez was rant wanted for violating his probation. this is after three officers suspected ramirez might have drugs. he was on probation after pleading guilty to domestic violence charges last year. >> person taking the driving test this morning got up on
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the wrong foot. she was practicing when packing into a pedestrian. oops. that driver did not take the test after all, you can see she left at the passenger seat of the training car. a bicyclist expected to survive after being hit by a van this morning. at 11:00 a.m. the van hit her. the driver didn't leave to talk with police. >> overseas north korea's threats towards the united states and allies reached a new level today. the north korean army announced it's been given final approval to launch strikes on the united states including the possible use of nuclear weapons. the declaration given just minutes after the u.s.
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announced would it deply a land based missile system to guam. >> back here, south bay labor and community leaders urged congress to pass immigration reform. this as the u.s. senate is trying to hammer out a deal. south bay congressman mike honda pledged to put immigration reform on the fast track to becoming law. >> and establish smarter enforcement. >> a janitor spoke today and hopes new laws can stop explot taigs of undocumented imgranlts on the job. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 a search for a car
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burglar. >> and a good will fwhail could reduce your giving options. >> the tax hot line is open for business. take a look at the people working hard to save you money. here is the telephone number.
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authorities in santa cruz asking for help in tracking down this man surveillance video shows him prowling sunday night. investigators believe he's connected to a string of auto burglaries in the area. he may be connected to a home burglary and two auto thefts east of scott valley yesterday afternoon.
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crew he's described as a white man with a small skbeerd a black cap. >> there is a chairitable organizations that are battling each other for old clothing and shoes. >> you've seen collection boxes in california communities asking for your used clothing and shoes. often meant for charities but nonprofits are concerned about proposals giving local governments and owners more lat tud to haul those bin as way and grant them immunity for liability. >> we'll see that it will go to property owners they've been operated, whatever charity is bad or masquerading it's just not true. what they do is try to get the property owner amped up to have the bin removed. >> opponent s suggest goodwill is pushing the bill to get rid
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of the competition for donation that's would have gone to them. they say goodwill's goal is maintaining its dominance in the secondhand clothing industry. goodwill insists it's about seeking perm yigs we have a box from one nonprofit property. they had a devil of a time getting it removed took the company six months to remove their box. >> the showdown between charities supposed to start today in a senate committee with a smaller nonprofits knowing it was an uphill battle to stop the bill. the chair woman pulled it was because of what is called concern. >> should be on the same teamworking together. >> the organization planet aid will be back in sacramento his collection boxes bringing in about $3 million for hiv prevention and teacher
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training. >> i think it is mean spirited by goodwill to present this bill to charm charities and collection box operators an and -- it just is. >> the hearing will be rescheduled over next few weeks. >> a blow for lucas arts after buying lucas film, walt disney company is shutting down it's video game production. 150 employees have been laid off. a spokesman says the company will focus on licening and no longer create games two. games had been in production star wars first assault and stars wars, 1313 have been cancelled. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> korean auto makers hyundai and kia are recalling almost two million vehicles. regulators say a faulty switch
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can stop the brake lights from scumming on and cruise control may not turn off this covers hyundai ak serngts eltantra, jant faye, and tucson and kia sportage. all vehicles from 2007 to 2011 model years if have you one, you need to know this, auto makers will notify owners and replace switches for free starting in june. the side air bag inflates and can injure people. >> a lot of folks ask for it, 7 on your side brought it back. >> absolutely. it's this year's encore of the 7 on your side tox hot line. experts on hand new to take your call autos michael finney is live. >> i'm not commanding this. this is the u.s. government.
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we're just filling in gaps here we'll be here until 8:00 to put together your papers and give us a call. a lot of people giving us a call this, is laura with the cpas. a lot of people calling and they have their taxes done find of, right? >> we recommend you file an extension if you don't have i it -- complete information there is a perception among taxpayers it will make them stand out and more available for audit. it's not the case it's better to file a complete return. just do an extension and estimate the amount of income that you're going to have. you pay estimated amount of tax it's just fine. then, your cpa or tax preparer can do your return later when they have all of the information and they can do a accurate return. >> at this point a lot of
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people are just rushing here, doing anything to get it out of the door. how hard to file an exsnengs. >> it's easy to file an extension. there are three boxes to fill out. you estimate how much tax you're going pay, how much have you paid then pay the difference. it's very simple form. >> there is no stats showing a taxpayer who did that would be audited more often? >> no. i know a lot of preparers believe you're less likely to get an audit if it's on extension. if you're more likely to be accurate in the cpa world most go on extension. they have a lot of investments we just don't have information yet. we want them to go on exteengs thank you very much. >> again we'll be here until 8:00 taking your tax questions this, is all off air no, one will be into your business so give us a call. report living from 7 on your side offices i'm michael finney. >> thank you. great information that is
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super. >> yes. >> might have to do that. >> and from hot line central to the roof. >> taking a look at weather moving in. >> yes. it's just watching clouds coming in. these are just clouds ahead of the storm system. that is on the way it's just beautiful up here, it's been warm. temperatures into 70s today and low 80s, right now, live doppler 7 hd. you can see cloud cover over parts of the bay area, high clouds clouds, rain is on the way. let me show you where moisture is showing up. on our radar, you can see it's off the coastline there. check out the view from our camera looking at downtown you can see fog there. temperatures, these are highs so far. 76 in santa rosa. oakland 73. highs to have 76.
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san jose, flirting with 80 degrees. pacifica, 67. half moon bay, 59 degrees so that fog held you can see fog from our east bay hills camera. you can see some of the cloud cover from that vu. san francisco, 60 degrees san carlos is a mild 7. 67 in santa cruz here is a view from lake tahoe tv looking towards heavenly. it's a gorgeous view. they can be seeing snow above 8,000 feet. snow levels will be running high. santa rosa 68 degrees. here are the highlights. rain arriving after midnight. rainy for morning commute. showers for afternoon. and clouds linger into the weekend with some slim chances of showers. here is the hold front going to bring us rain tomorrow, it arrives after midnight.
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this storm has bad timing. you'll notice here at 11:00 p.m. clouds, 2:00 a.m. rain is approaching and for the start of the rush hour we're looking at light to moderate rain that will continue to come through here, sloppy slow going. 9:00 a.m. scattered showers into afternoon rainfall totals three 5:00 a.m. friday look like this, four tenths to just over an inch if the north bay. and both bay not as much. tenth to a third. at this point we'll take moisture. this not going to be the storm of the century. timing just not looking good. temperatures first thing in the morning upper 40s to low 50s.
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have umbrellas at the door you'll have to worry about getting yourself to work. give plenty of time. tomorrow afternoon, it's a cooler day there is mid-60s in oakland and san jose. here is the forecast. for game four, of the a's as they take on mariners showers likely, temperatures low 60s at game time 12:35. taking a look at the accu-weather forecast rain giving way to showers. a slight chance of showers friday morning and a chance in the north bay saturday. slight chance every one sunday then warming up into low 80s inland. i'm live from roof of the kgotv broadcast center. get ready for rain. >> we need it. good stuff. >> still ahead waiting on the president still to come taking you live to sfo.
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the president ask scheduled to arrive in the bay area any moment now. also... >> the speech that defined anera. one man part of dr. king's inner circle reveals things we never knew, including the inspiration for his famous "i have
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president obama expected to land at san francisco international airport within the next hour or so. >> heather joins us live with the latest information. >> we're expecting the president to land here at any moment. just about two minutes ago, federal agents came by and instructed the media we had about six minutes if anyone needed to get off of the platt form to take care of anything. we'd have to stay put.
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security is high. we can see the presence everywhere. law enforcement of every stripe. emergency responders special gear has rolled into place. large convoy waiting to take the president and staff in for the evening. we're accustomed to having special guests here to greet the president. and have been told in this case there is no one scheduled to be here, it's not a campaign stop. he's tho not coming on particular stump issues so he'll just be getting off the plane giving a wave, being whisked off to dinner and cocktail reception. and fund raising so that is the scene here. he should be landing any
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minute. >> thank you very much we'll try to get back there if he does lantd. >> he's coming from colorado attempting to have an appearance. that begins before 6:00. the president then headlining a dinner at getty mansion in pacific heights, then, will spend the night at intercontinental hotel before taking part in another fund-raiser in the morning. >> the bill to get california high speed rail up and running is underway once again. the projected cost is $68 billion but a report suggests it will cost $97 million. officials say costs are not increases and the money is already part of the built in costs of the pro jechblg jechblgt -- project. >> costs are not up.
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it's reflecting what is approve ntd 2012 business plan. there are amendments or going to be new contracts in this pro jekt doesn't mean it's already anticipated. that is all in interest there. so there are no increased costs to this. >> the cost. project has doubled since five years ago. officials say that is drew dew to delays and the need to study alternative plans and address concerns of those who live along the corridor. >> in jorjts rolling stones fans getting ready for more rock and roll satisfaction. >> the band coming to town. the boys are back. stay with us.
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in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 6:00 live
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coverage of president obama's arrival in san francisco. taking you to the neighborhood hosting tonight's fund-raiser. also from abc 7 news i team unusual settlement won by a doctor who lost his job for telling the truth. and new sponsor stepping up to make sure annual beta breakers race gets off to a good start. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan? cheryl? >> thank you. >> finally here bay area rolling stones fans, i'm among them about to get twice the satisfaction. >> the group gave details of their 50th anniversary tour on their you tube channel. 50th anniversary. >> cool. drivers got details of the tour quickly as a teaser ad was replace wtd announcement. >> fans going to start it up on monday morning. average age of the group is 68, there is no indication this is their farewell tour.
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>> let's hope not. >> less than two weeks now until tax day our tax hot line is open. this is a look at the very busy team answering your questions. >> phone lines will be open until 8:00 tonight. >> with we're on watch for the president to land at any moment in town for a fund raising tour. >> we understand less than 10 miles out. we'll have the story for you at 6:00. thanks for watching. tonight, out of control. a college coach fired after an explosive video shows him humiliating players, kicking them, hurling balls at their heads. how long did they endure this
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kind of bullying and why? gunned down. another law enforcement officer shot in broad daylight, this time eating lunch in his car. the prophet. we learned that warren jeffs convicted of abusing young girls he called his brides is still sending orders to his followers from prison. amy robach on the investigation tonight. and late shift. the big shake-up in our tv tradition and memories. >> what was the point of this? >> it's official. the old guard is moving out. tonight the younger guys are in. what's the new secret to make us laugh? good evening. we begin with a video delivering searing proof that people can be bullied at any age. a basketball coach from rutgers university caught on tape attacking his college players, some of them scholarship kids,
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some of them apparently enduring it for years. today that coach was fired and he spoke out about what everyone can now see, thanks to an espn investigation and abc's gio benitez has the latest tonight. >> reporter: watch as rutgers head basketball coach mike rice rages at his players. grabbing them, kicking them, even firing a basketball at one player's head. if that isn't enough, there's the verbal abuse -- the anti-gay slurs. >> you -- fairies! >> reporter: today, less than 24 hours after abc's sister network, espn, aired that video, rice was out, fired by rutgers. this morning, rice apologized. >> i've let so many people down. my players, my administration, rutgers university, the fans. my family who's sitting in their house just huddled around


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